Care Management

Videra has a suite of care management tools that automate member outreach and engagement. From the moment you initiate care through follow-ups, we do the heavy lifting of connecting with the member, administering assessments and screenings, and letting members tell you what they want to with our open-ended video questions. Our anytime, anywhere approach to engagement has resulted in an over 80% increase in clinical capacity.

Common uses cases for care management teams include:
– Post-discharge check-ins (HEDIS / Star)
– Transitions in care check-ins
– Population health screenings
– Health risk and no-show assessments
– Care plan creation and follow-up
– Behavioral Health screenings, assessments, and check-ins (PHQ-9, GAD-7, etc.)
– High-risk population check-ins (BH / MH, SUD, etc.)
– SDOH data gathering
– Medication adherence

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