A new approach to improving CAHPS® and other quality scores

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) scores have historically been difficult to improve upon as the only tools available were mock surveys, mailings, phone calls, and texting. The approaches are not only painful for the member but have low engagement rates and lack sufficient context to drive meaningful operational improvement.

Videra Health’s automated, video, audio, and text-based artificial intelligence (AI) gives organizations a more member-friendly, cost-effective method of identifying opportunities for improvement to increase patient satisfaction. Using recent encounter data, Videra will automatically reach out to the member via their cell phone and/or email to launch an AI-driven text, voice and/or video-based engagement. With no application to download or install and no username or password to remember, all the member needs to do is click the link and follow the AI-driven guided experience when it’s convenient for them.

Through conversational AI, Videra will then engage the member regarding their recent encounter. When negative feedback is presented by the member, Videra will automatically dig deeper into the interaction with the member to gather actionable information needed to drive improvement. This information is then shared with the plan, creating a more member-friendly feedback mechanism so plans can better understand the needs of their members.

Through Videra’s partnership with Baltimore Health Analytics, not only can health plans better understand where there’s opportunity for improvement but see how the member feedback is likely to impact their CAHPS® score. Once data from Videra engagement is collected by Videra, it is de-identified and analyzed by Baltimore Health Analytics where Baltimore’s robust analytics presents a visualization of opportunities for improvement in the network based on the current member feedback.

By combining Videra’s member-centric engagement approach with BHA’s Stars analytics expertise, organizations will now have the member insights they need to make strategic interventions and enhance experience for their members, ultimately increasing their CAHPS scores.

About Baltimore Health Analytics:

Baltimore Health Analytics is an analytics and advisory firm helping payers and their partners improve and optimize their quality and Stars Ratings. BHA has a suite of Stars analytical tools available for subscription and has broad experience with Stars strategy, data analytics, HEDIS® reporting and clinical quality improvement.

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