Videra extends the reach and effectiveness of the care team by increasing visibility into how members are doing between provider visits. Videra provides automated, video-based AI analyses to enhance insights about your members, improve quality-related events (HEDIS / Star), and automate population screenings and assessments. Additionally, because every interaction is evaluated against a patient’s baseline, Videra is able to track, measure, and report on the progress your members are having with your interventions. Using well-established evidence-based algorithms, Videra’s assessments are able to detect and measure a myriad of health conditions, going far beyond text, phone, voicemail, and even face-to-face interactions.

Videra will help payers:

Gather missing insights and reduce the time spent on data collection and prioritization.
Gain a deeper understanding into how your patients/members are doing between visits.
Automatically measure progress and outcomes.

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