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Videra extends the reach and effectiveness of the care team by increasing visibility into how members are doing between provider visits. Videra provides automated, video-based AI analyses to enhance insights about your members, improve quality-related events (HEDIS / Star), and automate population screenings and assessments. Additionally, because every interaction is evaluated against a patient’s baseline, Videra is able to track, measure, and report on the progress your members are having with your interventions.

Using well-established evidence-based algorithms, Videra’s assessments are able to detect and measure a myriad of health conditions, going far beyond text, phone, voicemail, and even face-to-face interactions.

Videra will help payers:

Gather missing insights and reduce the time spent on data collection and prioritization.
Gain a deeper understanding into how your patients/members are doing between visits.
Automatically measure progress and outcomes.


Videra’s alerting and triaging capabilities give providers a way to truly treat the right patient at the right time. In addition, they can send automated follow-up video assessments through our platform to help monitor a patient’s health outside the office and between visits. Because Videra’s platform is FDA registered, there are many reimbursement revenue opportunities through RPM, RTM, CCM, and BHI.

Healthcare providers are historically overworked, and without a way to accurately stratify patients according to the severity of their conditions, these providers are often unable to best allocate resources to the most acute patients. Videra provides the support needed to enable providers to work at the top of their license.

Health Systems

We help health systems keep members healthier by engaging members outside of live visits to build rich clinical profiles and identify a member’s needs. With more frequent member screenings and the Videra platform exporting rich data, powerful population-level metrics can now be easily visualized and used to make informed patient and organizational decisions.

The Videra Health platform can help address quality benchmarks (HEDIS / Star), prevent hospital admissions, and identify mental and behavioral health needs that often go unaddressed.

Community Behavioral Health

We work with community behavioral health facilities to drive engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness of population-level care. By streamlining assessments, data gathering, and addressing quality benchmarks (HEDIS / Star), Videra saves time and reduces the cost of care while improving the quality of patient data.

Because our platform tracks patient engagement along with a variety of other key measures, providers receive alerts to acute cases allowing them to intervene early to improve patient outcomes. Rich data and insights captured through AI-assisted video is synthesized for easy understanding and informed decision-making at both the individual and population levels.


Videra’s automated video screening protocol has already been instrumental in preventing negative soldier outcomes. The advantage of service members being able to take check-ins from their own device and in the comfort of their own environment has helped to increase engagement and reduce stigma.

Those who protect our country are placed in some of the most difficult situations imaginable. The stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges that result, often go unnoticed and untreated. With limited resources to adequately screen and treat the over 2 million active and reserve military personnel, these brave men and women are put at severe risk. Videra is working with military organizations to help identify those in the most need and at the highest level of acuity.

Clinical Trials/

With the Videra platform, pharmaceutical manufacturers can capture critical and rich video data through all stages of a drug’s development and testing. These additional data points help to fully understand potential side effects, drug effectiveness, and accurate patient impact of a product. We work with existing ePRO technologies to facilitate the automation of this gathering process and simplify the data collection.

Gathering consistent and valuable patient data has always been a critical element in testing, developing, and ultimately releasing new pharmaceuticals. Historically, this data is static and gathered in an antiquated way through electronic or paper and pencil surveys and assessments. With Videra, pharmaceutical manufacturers can modernize and enhance this data collection process.


Videra provides insightful prioritizations, richer automated screenings and assessments, and detailed reporting to track and measure the progress and outcomes of the community’s youth interventions.

The mental health crisis is especially affecting youth populations. In 2020, suicide was the second highest cause of death for children ages 10-14 in America. The US Preventive Services Task Force has recommended anxiety screenings for children as young as 8 years old and depression screenings for those 12 years and older. By regularly screening children and adolescents, treatment can be provided at, or close to, the onset of mental health issues.

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