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Automated, AI-Assisted, Video Assessments
Empowering payers and providers to identify, triage, and provide care to those patients who need it most.


What we do

Automated check-in assessments are delivered asynchronously to patients, meaning less clinical hours required.
Built in AI-assisted video analysis delivers rich clinical insights and tracks patient progress over time.
Providers are alerted in real-time to those requiring attention, truly allowing the right patient to be seen at the right time.


Engagement rate

Our customers have seen up to 61% patient engagement rates while using Videra. Having more patient data increases visibility and can help improve outcomes.


More data about each patient

Learn more about your patients through analysis of their voice, facial expression, movement, and language. AI helps pick up on and alert you to red flags.


Increase in clinical capacity

Providers are able to treat more patients and improve patient retention by having continuous automated touchpoints, saving hours of work for clinical staff.

More than traditional assessments

Standard questionnaires, surveys, and assessments can be important and useful in assessing a patient’s well-being. However, multiple-choice, slider scale, and other survey formats alone, don’t capture a patient’s true feelings and emotions. Videra allows providers to add video response questions to either standard or custom assessments, enabling patients to truly share how they’re feeling, and giving providers the tools to more effectively track longitudinal patient progress.

Your virtual care manager

From initial collection to patient alerting, Videra’s platform enhances and automates the entire process of rich data gathering. Without additional clinical resources, assessments are automatically sent to patients at customizable and regularly scheduled cadences, analyzed for actionable insights, and summarized for care teams to make faster and more-informed clinical decisions. With Videra, you can beat quality measurements, improve outcomes, and give back time to providers to do what they do best, provide incredible care.

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Quantify the qualitative

Historically, capturing a patient’s real words, feelings, and emotions at scale has been nearly impossible. Videra uses industry-leading AI, proprietary patient models, and powerful analytics to extract valuable insights and alerts from patient video responses. Providers can view these insights and alerts, along with each patient video and transcript, within their own provider portal. These scalable video interactions improve upon standard surveys by highlighting the data the clinician needs most.

Higher engagement, greater insight

Only a small percentage of calls, texts, and voicemails sent to patients result in any response or action. Using Videra, patients can take assessments on their own time, in their preferred environment, and on their own device. The Videra experience is natural and comfortable, allowing each patient to interact in a similar way they would with their provider face-to-face. You can now achieve increased engagement, all while gathering 100x more data from each patient touchpoint.

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