Videra breaks healthcare's "black box" wide open.

Remote Patient Monitoring Video Platform for Behavioral Health

What is the "black box"?

The Problem

Mental healthcare has a black box problem.

Most of what impacts mental health outcomes happens outside of the clinic and under the surface, where you likely won’t see it or hear about it. Instead, what you end up seeing is a temporary snap shot in time -- a sort of outer layer of a big black box full of how your patient feels and reacts to things that happen in every day life.

The black box isn’t new, it's just more complex.

Even before the pandemic, behavioral health has been notoriously underfunded. It’s hard to follow up with patients. It is tough to prioritize who is most at risk. Whats more, a lack of time and providers makes it nearly impossible to actively intervene and provide the level of care that patients need. COVID-19 lockdowns, policy changes and family disruptions created a bigger black box than we already had in behavioral healthcare.

What’s going on inside the black box?

Patient experiences, reactions, and behaviors.

It’s no secret that health outcomes are overwhelmingly tied to what happens outside of scheduled office visits. Unfortunately, most treatment gets squeezed into short, periodic appointments.

The question is then, what happens with our patients in-between these short interactions?

More people need treatment


Only 43% of all people experiencing mental health issues receive treatment (67% for serious mental illness, 12% for addiction)

There aren’t enough providers


96 Million (38%) of Americans have to wait longer than a week to receive mental health treatment

The ones we have are burned out


78% of psychiatric providers report burnout

The Solution

Break the black box wide open!

Videra Health is an FDA registered digital platform improving patient care by connecting providers and patients anytime, anywhere between visits and post-discharge. It opens the black box revealing better care, more efficient use of a provider’s precious time, and more satisfied patients and outcomes.

  • Provider created check-in assessments are delivered asynchronously to patients, meaning no scheduling conflicts.
  • Built in AI-Assisted video analysis helps suggest which patients may need the most immediate intervention.
  • Providers are alerted to those requiring attention, truly allowing the right patient to be seen at the right time.

Who We Help

Videra is working on solutions for these healthcare sectors:

  • Residential/IP/OP Behavioral Health
  • Primary Care
  • Addiction Recovery/SUD
  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatry and Med Management
  • Home Health
  • Many more

What We're Solving

Videra is already innovating in the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Tardive Dyskinesia
  • PTSD
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Many others
Pushing Interactions Past Traditional Telehealth and Surveys.

Meaningful Analytics
Add rich video analysis for check-ups that can’t happen live or face to face.

Extend clinical expertise by scaling the way you observe patients and recognize the patterns, trends and nuances that signal health status, inform treatment plans or verify progress.

Patient check-ups + clinical observation anytime, anywhere.

Empower patients to feel heard anytime, anywhere by inviting them to record video responses to personalized check-ins and assessments. Quickly observe your patients with more context, regardless of time and scheduling constraints.

Data Rich Context
Simplifying sophisticated data capture.

Make it easy to extract both quantitative and qualitative patient data from one convenient platform, then have that data quickly organized, analyzed and prepared to add context to clinical decision support without draining your staff. More data, less resources, better outcomes.

How it works


Enroll patients in your automated follow-up program


Patients are invited and complete sessions


Get alerts on issues, collect outcome data


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